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Daily Star needs to attend seminar on journalism

Posted by badger on August 15, 2008

The story of Danny Ridgel resigning and then being reappointed to the Tangipahoa Parish School Board bewildered the hell out of me. The Daily Star did a lousy job covering it awhile back, but now they want to use this as an object lesson for how confusing the new ethics laws of Louisiana are? Are they insane?

That commenter Curious sees the problem:

And he’s going to run for the same office again….. In the annals of politics, you would have to look far and wide to come up with a stranger story. Other newspapers would have a field day. You see it as only “the best local example of a sticky situation involving the new ethics laws”. Don’t you find it interesting that of all the School Boards in all the parishes in all the state, only two members – both from OUR School Board – resigned because of this “sticky situation involving the new ethics laws.”

Do you really think this fact tells us more about “this sticky situation involving the new ethics laws” than it does about the quality of candidates we elect to our School Board?

And you know, Mr. Ridgel is going to get re-elected. There is no doubt about it. (Given the candidate the Bailey-Simmons faction will put up against him, I may vote for him myself.) When he does get re-elected, what will you tell us this fact tells us? The forgiving nature of the electorate of our fair city?

The editorials ought to be written by this person.

I don’t even propose that Ridgel did anything wrong. It’s just simply not investigated. Besides, this is the same newspaper that slobberingly fellates Jindal every time he puffs up his chest to bloviate some bullshit about ethics. Stop pussyfooting and cheerleading. Get on the front lines and investigate.


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priggish assholes legislating morality kill culture

Posted by badger on August 15, 2008

It doesn’t surprise me that the Daily Star now supports banning anyone under the age of 21 from bars. It’s warming to see a couple of commenters made it through to call them to task, one on government control and another asking the Daily Star to hold businesses responsible, not just the citizens under the age of 21.

Putting the drinking age at 21 was shortsighted in the first place. Please consider when the rise in casual drug use happened… when the drinking age was raised from 18 to 21. My real problem with the legal drinking age of 21 doesn’t even have to do with a love for alcohol. When the age went from 18 to 21, the live music scene for original music essentially died down and never really bounced back. Dropping the age now isn’t going to fix anything, but priggish assholes legislating morality kill culture.

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little hope for reform of the Tangipahoa Parish Animal Shelter

Posted by badger on August 15, 2008

Again, this blog’s main purpose is tracking what the local newspaper does not report, not specifically this animal shelter story. Some of the coverage is wearing on my patience. I wasn’t able to attend the parish council meeting on Monday.

The Daily Star manages to avoid naming the veterinarians involved (although they did finally name the Animal Control Director Donald Doty,) even though WDSU has now named at least one of them. A commenter on the story actually requests the information. Quite a few people know the name at this point, but no one answers, possibly because it is suppressed by moderators.

The investigation by the U.S. Humane Society is a step in the right direction. It’s unclear what steps Burgess is going to take if it is found that the shelter violated parish ordinances.

The Advocate using equivocating language as, “a practice considered inhumane by some,” when “some” includes actual veterinarian licensing boards, and not merely private citizens, is silly.

On the other hand, silly is also showing up at the meeting to read aloud a list of the names of the animals euthanized. If the issue of cruelty to animals is to be addressed rationally in a public forum, few actions could undermine credibility more quickly. (Perhaps someone dousing himself in a bucket of blood?) I cringed when i saw the video on television, as the antics of bleeding-heart animal lovers eclipsed TPAC’s incompetent, inhumane, and possibly corrupt management. Pulling stunts like that marginalizes the story of a public institution being mismanaged. Appealing to raw emotion in bureacracy-entangled legal matters is a horrible mistake.

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Daily Star reports council meeting, but turns blind eye to tax ordinance

Posted by badger on July 30, 2008

Yesterday’s post about the Daily Star choosing to report a ribboncutting over a tax issue is odder than i realized. I missed a story on their site under the Public Meetings subcategory, reporting the exact meeting in which a decision on the tax issue occurred, yet omitting that decision altogether. The title of the story is the relatively innocuous, “Council get [sic] clean audit.” It’s even more suspicious that they report details from that council meeting, but forget what seems to be the big story.

Again, the tax ordinance is not an issue that I’m even remotely passionate about. It’s the way that the local news is filtered that’s my concern.

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Who owns Hammond Daily Star?

Posted by badger on July 29, 2008

I never bothered to ask that question in recent years. The sale to some corporate shysters years back is a dim memory.

The answer is Paxton Media Group. Most of the Wikipedia entry consists of criticism of their bias and reduction of quality of the newspapers that they purchase. Here’s the political bias paragraph:

Paxton Media Group’s various media outlets have been criticized for promoting conservative viewpoints and Republican Party candidates, while criticizing liberal viewpoints and Democratic Party candidates. Recent examples include the headline “Don’t Vote Democratic” on the front page of an election-week edition of The Cadiz Record[3] and the Paducah Sun’s frequent criticism of Kentucky Attorney General Greg Stumbo‘s investigation of the alleged corruption of Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher. CEO and President David Paxton defends the conservative tone of Paxton Media Group’s holdings as simply the product “of growing up in Western Kentucky and the socially conservative environment” of the family homestead.[1]. Critics have claimed political bias can be derived from the second cousin of President David Paxton being elected the mayor of Paducah, William F. Paxton. Paducah was the home of Vice President Alben Barkley (D) and was a Democratic Pary stronghold for many years.

Those two last sentences are a bit of a nonsequitor, aren’t they? I reckon whoever stuck them there was trying to call bullshit on Paxton insisting that his hometown is traditionally conservative, and that he’s not just some propagandizing idealogue. Still, it’s a bit twisty.

This is obviously something else to research when there’s less lightning popping around the house.

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ribboncutting event trumps tax story

Posted by badger on July 29, 2008

It’s mighty nice of Baton Rouge’s The Advocate to post a story about how “Tangipahoa Parish Council introduced an ordinance Monday that would allow taxing bodies in the parish to collect more revenue without a vote of the public.” Very interesting. So what do the people of Tangipahoa think about this?

What’s the lead story to grace the Hammond Daily Star website today? Congressman opens office.” Wow! Hot diggity! Way to go with that bleeding edge story! They don’t even mention that Scalise has was up in Alaska National Wildlife Refuge last week, toeing the party line on drilling up there when there’s oil down here. No sirree! No do they mention that he will be facing a challenger this fall, probably Jim Harlan of LaCombe. Nope! Not pertinent to the story! And that story is ribbon-cutting! The people must be kept informed of the best ribbon-cuttings that are fit to print! CUT THOSE FUCKING RIBBONS!

The Daily Kingfish has a better post speculating that Scalise might face a serious challenge this time, as Harlan has the money to match him. I’ll be happy to see Scalise beaten, but i wish that it had been by Gilda Reed, as Harlan’s pro-gun, pro-life positions give me the willies. We already have a Democratic senator who doesn’t act like one, but i’ll still vote for Harlan and Landrieu if they’re on the machine this November.

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Hammond Daily Star hates the children & senior citizens of New Orleans, but loves Jindal

Posted by badger on July 29, 2008

Pork not in fitness plan is the editorial that starts this. The Daily Star loves to post puff pieces on Bobby Jindal. Most of the staff is not fanatical about him, but this tepid piece that says almost nothing in its heavy use of quoted cliches, unsubstantiated declarations, and general ambivalence that it drove me nuts. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” my ass. Spit it out. Just say, “We wuv you, Bobby Snoogums!”

The Hammond Daily Star supports Jindal’s veto of House Bill 1 of the 2008-09 fiscal year. (The Daily Star neglects to mention that most of the programs that he used his line-item veto on benefit New Orleans, which just happens to be largest group of taxpayers in the state.)

This was my relatively innocuous comment that they didn’t approve:

Is this the same Saint Bobby that vetoed an ethics reform bill that would require all elected officials to disclose if a political appointment was also a campaign contributor?

Jindal is just as self-serving and partisan as any politician. His primary concern in vetoing these bills are because they do not benefit the special interests that have nurtured his career.

This is the same man who recently claimed there were no major oil spills in the Gulf during hurricanes Katrina & Rita, when in fact there were 44 onshore and offshore oil spills and 113 oil platforms destroyed. Remember good old Deputy Chief of Staff Stephen Waguespack? The one who received the $30,000 raise while you praised Jindal’s veto of the legislature giving itself a raise? He’s a registered lobbyist for the Alpine Group, which primarily lobbies in energy policy.

Offering more platitudes about Jindal’s administration is a disservice to our community.

Maybe they thought this was off-topic, but it’s not. Jindal is an acolyte of Bush, nominated by President George W. Bush to be Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services for Planning and Evaluation. Everyone who Bush has ever named to any post should immediately be suspect. Consider the Department of Justice report released yesterday addressing the hiring practices of Monica Goodling. Be honest. Jindal is not that concerned about Louisiana’s budget. It’s not about how much money is spent, but whether it goes to his people.

Yes, it’s about playing politics. Instead, we get an editorial declaring bacon is bad. Daily Star, why not write about how puppies and kittens are cute, to see if you can manage to get a pro-Jindal angle out of it?

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here it goes

Posted by badger on July 29, 2008

This blog is born of annoyance with my local newspaper, the Daily Star of Hammond, Louisiana. This past weekend, someone decided not to post some comments I left on a few stories. It would be easy to shrug this off as irrelevant, as perhaps two or three people would have ever read those comments. However, on another story there was a thread of comments from a bunch of bigots and theocrats. If the Daily Star feels comfortable letting these assholes have their voice, yet sees fit to squelch mine, fuck ’em.

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