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Daily Star needs to attend seminar on journalism

Posted by badger on August 15, 2008

The story of Danny Ridgel resigning and then being reappointed to the Tangipahoa Parish School Board bewildered the hell out of me. The Daily Star did a lousy job covering it awhile back, but now they want to use this as an object lesson for how confusing the new ethics laws of Louisiana are? Are they insane?

That commenter Curious sees the problem:

And he’s going to run for the same office again….. In the annals of politics, you would have to look far and wide to come up with a stranger story. Other newspapers would have a field day. You see it as only “the best local example of a sticky situation involving the new ethics laws”. Don’t you find it interesting that of all the School Boards in all the parishes in all the state, only two members – both from OUR School Board – resigned because of this “sticky situation involving the new ethics laws.”

Do you really think this fact tells us more about “this sticky situation involving the new ethics laws” than it does about the quality of candidates we elect to our School Board?

And you know, Mr. Ridgel is going to get re-elected. There is no doubt about it. (Given the candidate the Bailey-Simmons faction will put up against him, I may vote for him myself.) When he does get re-elected, what will you tell us this fact tells us? The forgiving nature of the electorate of our fair city?

The editorials ought to be written by this person.

I don’t even propose that Ridgel did anything wrong. It’s just simply not investigated. Besides, this is the same newspaper that slobberingly fellates Jindal every time he puffs up his chest to bloviate some bullshit about ethics. Stop pussyfooting and cheerleading. Get on the front lines and investigate.


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