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standard use of heartstick and following paper trail of TPAC

Posted by badger on August 9, 2008

The message boards usually creep me out to no end, but in poking about looking for something to post, I ran across some interesting stuff… and yeah, this is also on the Tangipahoa Parish Animal Shelter.  (Animal Chat is not even remotely the cesspool of ignorance in some of the other corners of those boards.) I’d prefer to leave this subject alone for a few days at least, as this blog is not intended to be solely on that subject but eh… it’s still new relevant information.

Using a heartstick without sedation might actually be illegal, not just merely against TPAC’s standard procedures. According to Mary Ann Newcomb, it seems that Dr. Hulsey was doing exactly that. In Tennessee, a veterinarian plead guilty to twelve misdemeanor counts related to animal cruelty because of using a heartstick without sedation. (He plead guilty and was fined $5,000 and sentenced to serve 200 hours of community service. Even worse for a practicing veterinarian, “The board suspended Baber’s license because his actions were by law considered fraudulent, deceptive, dishonest and illegal in connection with the practice of veterinary medicine.” Ouch.) Louisiana possibly has different laws, but it’s worth investigating.

It seems that one commenter named fqdave has already found a way to pursue this path logically:

I cannot stress how important the following information is regarding the Tangipahoa Shelter disaster:

The Municipal Code of Tangipahoa Parish states, in Article IV, Section 7-87, Subsection (k) …

“(k) The animal control department shall keep complete and accurate records of the care, feeding, veterinary treatment and disposition of all animals impounded.”

Thus, there must exist written records as to the condition, medical treatment, and disposition of EACH animal killed.

If there are no records the Parish is in violation of its own Municipal Code and the “Shelter Director” can and must be immediately terminated and the Parish President will be in no position to argue any case, whatsoever.

If the records show a cat was infected with a virus that only affects dogs there is evidence of gross mismanagement and negligence which sets forth a case for cruelty to animals which may be criminally prosecuted.

Demand a thid-party independent investigation, demand the written records the “shelter” was required to maintain be released to the Public (threaten a Public Records Request) and you’ll find a goldmine. If no records exist you have found the “motherlode.”

This battle can be won, conditions at the shelter can be vastly improved, those who acted improperly can be released from employment, and the animals will not have died in vain IF the Parish Municipal Code is used against the “shelter.”

A calm, non-emotional, professional presentation of the facts of the Municipal Code is the prudent course of action on Monday evening.

Parish officials can insist TPAC is, “a population control and abuse investigation agency, not a rescue organization,” all that they like. Demand the paperwork. Regardless of the parish officials’ evasion of specifics of what constitutes animal cruelty in Louisiana, if they skimped on the paperwork, the people responsible must be removed.


4 Responses to “standard use of heartstick and following paper trail of TPAC”

  1. Censored news?

    How owns the Hammond Star and 2theadvocate?

    Did they run an updated news report reporting on the eye wittiness seeing them heartstick the animals? Or am I just not finding the latest news reports?

    Last one I found for 2theadvocate…

    Parish defends mass killing of animals; probe planned –

    and the last one I found on HammondStar…

    Animal control before council
    By Sylvia Schon
    Sunday, August 10, 2008 2:31 PM CDT

    AMITE – Animal lovers are expected to crowd the Tangipahoa Parish Council meeting Monday night to discuss the disease outbreak and resulting euthanasia of 172 abandoned animals last week at the parish Animal Control center.

    Councilman Ronnie Bankston placed the item on the agenda.

    Unless I am too tried to see straight I do not think either news article says a word about the killing with the heartstick and no sedation. Looks like censored news to me. What are you thoughts on this?

    Please come to the meeting Monday evening! Wear Black if you want to show sorrow for the killed animals and your support for justice and the truth.

    Heart stabbed – no sedation TPAC killings –

  2. Happypower said

    What a joke this is. 100 dogs a week die in Jefferson Parish. No outcry from the animal whackos. 1,000,000 chickens die every day, do they deserve less press?

    Look at the leader of this protest…Jeff Dorson, former PETA member, now head of an organization he named “Louisiana Humane Society.” Dorson is from the same whacko group that killed thousands of dogs after Katrina. Dorson has claimed to have rescued over 1800 dogs. He sent 1500 to be killed by PETA.

    Let this stupidity end. Animal rescue from shelters are a waste of time. Let’s quit wasting valuable time on such a silly discourse.

  3. badger said

    I see some of your point. I grew up on a farm, raising calves and sheep that went to be butchered. Animals being killed is nothing alien to me. I hate being in slaughterhouses (as they reek of fear and death,) but i understand their purpose. The question is how and why these specific animals animals were killed. The mismanagement of TPAC is obvious at this point. It needs to be changed.

    As for valuable time being wasted, most of the local papers mostly covers ribbon cuttings and kids playing in parks. Having people galvanized about the ethical treatment of animals might get them back into paying attention to other issues in this parish, like how the schools are abominable.

  4. […] standard use of heartstick and following paper trail of TPAC – Posted by badger on August 9, 2008 […]

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