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comments on WDSU story on TPAC

Posted by badger on August 9, 2008

WDSU names one of the vetrinarians called in as Dr. Thomas “Tiger” Hulsey of Amite. He apparently didn’t follow the shelter’s policy by not sedating the animals before euthanasia. As ugly as i find that, it seems that he didn’t normally work with the facility, so the fault would fall on whoever called him and the other vetrinarian in. Besides:

Newcomb said parish leaders made it clear that day that they simply wanted to clear the shelter out and start over.

That is the allegation that should be pursued. It reeks of heavy-handed cost-cutting and hardheaded redneck machismo. Placing the blame on the veterinarians makes this seem like an external problem, a freakish one-time incident. It’s extremely unlikely that when they diagnosed the problem, that the mass euthanasia was recommended. The problem truly lies with officials in the parish who repeatedly obstruct the shelter coordinating its work with eager humane and rescue organizations.

Note that once again, the director of the shelter was not named, let alone interviewed.


3 Responses to “comments on WDSU story on TPAC”

  1. Cheryl Henkel said

    I just heard on another news show the the “euthanizing” vet was paid $4000.00 for 3 hours of work killing these animals.

  2. badger said

    I hope that the $4,000 was worth it for him, as the more that is discovered, it looks like he could lose his license for pulling that heartstick without sedation stunt.

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